Julie, Tamworth NSW

“For the first time in my life I am actually doing something that I actually enjoy and I’m working for myself. I Completed and PASSED the Jeanette Thomas nail Technology training and enjoyed the entire course, The training covered everything I needed to know to be able to set up my own business, I now work for myself, I set my own hours and I ENJOY it.

Jeanette is a very talented nail Technician and her experience shows through her teaching. I Found Jeanette to be very Patient and informative as a teacher yet she was very thorough and her expectations to the quality of my work was high, When my nails are described by other technicians as perfect I only have Jeanette to Thank. Thanks Jeanette.”

Tameka’s Story

“Growing up in a small mining town on the West Coast of Tasmania, has made it hard to fulfil my dream of joining the Beauty industry.

Moving 1 ? hours away from my family at the age of 16 to attend College and TAFE was hard, so at the start of Grade 12 I decided to apply for a job in my home town (at the local Mine) and was successful. I have always regretted moving back and leaving school ? but I was young and missed my family.

As time passed I got married and had my family ? while still working at the mine.
After the birth of my second child ? while on Maternity Leave, I decided that if I was ever going to get back into the beauty industry it was now, and started looking online for a course that could let me do it from home.

Finding Jeanettes Nail Technology Course was the best thing, it allowed me to complete it from home while watching my girls.

So within a day or so of finding the course ? signed up. I was so excited and could not wait to start. I have always loved being creative and enjoy being around people.
The subjects ? Theory and Practical, sometimes challenging but very enjoyable, whenever I needed assistance, Jeanette was there to help and always gave very good / understanding advice!

Completing my certificate was great ? it has given me the skills and knowledge to rejoin the industry and bring a new service to my home town.

I cannot wait to get creative and start my new career as a Nail Technician – Thank you for all your help Jeanette.”

Julie, Tieri, QLD

“I searched for a company to do my nail course through for quite some time when I came across Jeanette Thomas Training Academy. Jeanette was always helpful and happy to assist with any queries I had. I am extremely happy that I decided to do my training through Jeanette as I found her easy to approach and she has a great amount of knowledge in the industry. Jeanette’s techniques create incredibly beautiful and natural nails. Thank you Jeanette for everything you taught me, I look forward to creating beautiful nails for many years to come!

I hope that’s ok – I’m not very good at writing these things!! But thanks again, it’s been a really enjoyable course and I have learnt many great skills from you.”

Karen, QLD

“I have completed the Full Nail Technology Course online with Jeanette Thomas. The online course worked best for me as I have a small child and require to be home to look after him. It adapted well to my lifestyle. Jeanette was very patient with me and was always available to give me 100% support, even after my training.

The course has provided me with all the knowledge needed to be a great nail technician. I have improved 100%. I now feel confident to do as many nails as possible. I found the course to be brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have learnt so much and can’t wait to start my own business. It was great fun.


Louise, NSW

“By completing Jeanette’s course I have obtained skills that are an asset for life. The course is made fun and easy and I am actually a little sad that I am finished, hopefully I will be an award winning Technician like Jeanette some day!”

Holly, QLD

“Thank you to the Jeanette Thomas Training Academy for offering a fun and professional nail technology course. I was a nail technician over 10 years ago and wanted to get back into the trade. I was able to work full time and study at home of an evening. The online tutorials Video’s were excellent quality and being able to replay and watch the technique was amazingly helpful. Much better than previous class room lessons.

The assignments kept me focused and made me feel like I was really putting in the work and learning the skills I need to be confident in the industry. Teachers called weekly to check in and answer questions as well as being able to email at any time. This is a really good course for anyone interested in getting the right techniques and becoming a great nail technician. The school promote professionalism and that’s everything in the industry.”

Nicole’s Story

“I first started looking into being a nail technician as a way of being able to work from home and spend more time with my kids. I felt it would be something that might interest me, but I didnt quite realize just how much I would love it. I searched for a long time for a course that would suit me both time wise and financially. It wasnt until I found the Jeanette Thomas Training Academy that I found something that would fit perfectly with my life.

I currently work in insurance and my job is very stressful, doing this course has honestly been one of the only things that have been able to take that stress away. Surprisingly, Ive found not only a substitute income but a real passion for nails and the art that they can bring.

I am currently in the process of setting myself up as a mobile nail technician, and I hope to provide a different, more personal style service than those in a salon. I want to become successful enough I can quit my current job and gain the work/life balance I so desire. I also mean to get more involved in Nail art and design and with luck, test my skills and compete next year in the Global Nail Design Awards.”