Reasons why artificial nail enhancements lift


Things you may be doing wrong:

  • You may not have washed both your clients and your hands with warm soapy water.
  • You may not have removed all the polish from the nail plate.
  • You may not have removed all the eponychium from the cuticle area and nail plate.
  • You may not have removed all the shine from the nail plate, especially from around the cuticle and side wall areas.
  • For gel you may have left shine on the tip.
  • For gel you may have forgotten to seal the free edges before curing.
  • You may have not dusted well.
  • You may have forgotten to use dehydrator (prep) and or primer.
  • You may have gotten acrylic or gel on the cuticle area.
  • Your acrylic may be too dry.
  • You may not have patted the acrylic enough or sealed well down the sides.
  • You may not have etched the gel into the nail plate enough.
  • You may have not blended the acrylic or gel flush against the natural nail enough.
  • For gel you may have not cured the gel long enough or your lamps may be too weak.
  • For gel you may have filed around the free edge and not resealed the edge.

Tips to remind your clients:

  • Always use gloves when using chemicals, or in soapy water for long periods of time.
  • When using sorboline or lanolin based hand creams be sure to wipe the excess from the cuticle areas.
  • Use cuticle oil at least once a day to help keep the acrylic and cuticle area supple (for less stress cracks in the acrylic)and to keep the skin around the cuticle area conditioned (for less hand nails and less likely to cut during a refill or rebalance)
  • Advise then to never use clippers to take back length, use a file.
  • Advise gel clients to never remove length at home as this will break the seal around the free edge and cause lifting.
  • To wear their nails as jewels and not to use them as tools.
  • To use non-acetone nail polish remover when removing polish.
  • To never tap their nails on anything (table tops) this will cause stress cracks and lifting.

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