WARNING to all nail technicians and their clients


MMA other wise known as methyl methacrylate is still being sold to nail technicians in Australia and over the world even though the FDA has warned against the use of MMA, they unfortunately are still available on our market, so uneducated and unsuspected nail technicians may still be purchasing this product and contunue to use it on their trusting clients.

MMA is found in the acrylic liquid monomer and is know to cause:

  • damage to the natural nail.
  • respiratory problems.
  • contact dermatitis.
  • permanent loss of the natural nail.
  • eye damage.
  • nose and throat irritation.
  • infections as the acrylic is so hard that even a small amount of trauma will cause the nail plate to lift and break from the nail bed.

MMA can also be found in polymer powders, but are safe to use as the molecules are already partly polymerized and are too big to penetrate into the skin.

The safest way to avoid MMA is to check the ingredience of your monomer, make sure it is made of EMA – ethyl methacrylate. EMA is a much safer option.

Warning signs of MMA:

  • the product you are bying is extremely cheap.
  • the acrylic is hard to file and remove with acetone.
  • the acrylic has an unusual intense smell.

It is of the up most importance for your clients and your health, that you do not use MMA monomer to create your nail enhancements.